Prof. Dr./ Nevin Gharib Rizk

Acting Dean and Vice-Dean for Education and Students Affairs



Prof. Dr./ Sahar Mahmoud Zaki Al-arna'oty

Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Research



Prof. Dr./ Mohammed Hassan KeshK

Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs



Heads of scientific department boards



 Prof. Dr. Heba Abu Al-Fadl

 Professor and Head of  Architecture Department


Prof. Hanan Sobhi Muhammad Ibrahim
Professor and Head of Decoration Department

Prof. Dr. Maha Darwish Muhammad Darwish

  Professor and Head of Graphic Department



Prof.Howaida Muhammad Abdel Fattah El Sebaei

 Professor and Head of  Painting Department



Prof. Yassmina Haider

 Professor and Head of  Sculpture Department