Dean's word


The Faculty of Fine Arts is one of the most distinguished university institutions in the Arab world in the fields of education, research, and sociology. The vision, mission, values, governing policies and strategic objectives of the Faculty of Fine Arts have been updated as follows:


Vision of the Faculty of Fine Arts (What we want / summarize the goal):

Building human cadres capable of assimilating and dealing with the requirements of the age and rapid technological developments by activating quality systems for graduates to achieve excellence in the areas of research and artistic and plastic creativity, which contribute effectively to the service of society and the development of the environment for obtaining accreditation.


 Values and Policies:

 It is determined in the principles, rules and regulations (the Law of Organizing Universities No. 49 of 1972 and its amendments - internal and financial regulations - quality standards - the moral charter - intellectual property rights ... etc) which regulates the work of the college as an academic institution and its employees.


The strategic goals of the Faculty of Fine Arts (which achieve the message and be measurable, evaluated and evaluated during a certain period of time) are:

 Determine what we want to reach and achieve the purpose of the existence of the Faculty of Fine Arts with maximum efficiency and effectiveness and a large financial return to the College and the University to establish new economic entities through:

  1. Restructuring scientific departments in the college.
  2. Developing and restructuring the curricula of the college.
  3. Developing academic human resources, developing financial resources and improving the economics of learning.
  4. Restructuring and developing the administrative system in the college.
  5. Activation of internal system of quality in the faculty.

 Prof. Dina Mandour