Reem Hassan holds an exhibition titled anthology of works of the artist

 Reem Hassan agency Bahna Alexandria




The opening of the exhibition Astiedy artist Prof. Dr. / Reem Hassan on Monday, April 4 Agency Bahna in Alexandria and says Maberta artist creative vision: When a man becomes unable to nature and to comply with them, but he was unable to completely aware, there are no constants or absolute faculties of knowledge , and then man is in the grip of absolute abstraction of all constants, where he finds refuge and shelter for all the many anti-mind of variables, so that it can be up to the definition of truth, and can go beyond self and subject together. To reach results in which we can develop the form of the world around him and change the prevailing theories, even through the work of Abdaayo will hold a meeting on the cultural experience artist will be held on April 13 next year.