Opening artist Prof. Dr. / Amal Nasr at the Museum of Fine Arts Exhibition





Hosted Hall (Hamid Aweys) at the Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria exhibition of artist Prof. Dr. / Amal Nasr, the exhibition on Tuesday, April 5 under the auspices of Prof. Khaled Sorour, Speaker of Fine Arts Sector and the presence of a galaxy of artists Fine, `and singer D / Amal Nasr represent a plastic case and a cash private, and show their capacity to control the Mstahha and subject to the rules of construction Plastic Integrated ..oamal full of visual beauty and this eloquent composition in its formulations and vocabulary and symbols .. quoted from which images and important issues of vision and consistent with its own read and know-how societal and cultural heritage, and is noted as well as the presence of women in heroic roles in most of the paintings of this technical offer fun in all respects