Alexandria University sets the rules for managing change and research committees  

Overseeing postgraduate subjects (Master - PhD)

     Prof. Dr. Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research and Special decided to organize proposals to change the rules of graduate students enrolled for research degrees of MA and PhD after many years of recording their research topics .

First :

be changing the subject of research at the suggestion of the Supervisory Committee, or the main supervisor, and the approval of the Department Council, the Committee on Graduate Studies and the College Board, this change and be the change request is accompanied by a note containing a detailed justification for this change.


If the change in question requires a change in the supervisory committee to add a name or supervisors raise the name of one of the supervisors, the department council is to be the competent authority in this procedure.

Third :

to be the subject of research for change only once throughout the period of the student's registration should not have passed on the beginning of the registration of more than three years.

Fourth :

it is recommended that the report be periodic report on the extent of student progress, together with a detailed report about the student shows what has been done, and this report is the reference when considering requests for change.

Fifth : animate situations offer excuses for the Professor, Vice President to take the appropriate decision thereon.