Alexandria University sets the rules for managing the restoration of basic

 and elective courses for postgraduate studies (Master - PhD)

      Prof. Dr. Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, decided to build on the Council of the University of Alexandria approval 24/11/2015 at the suggestion of Graduate Studies and Research Council in its meeting held on 10.19.2015 on the following:

First :

     that in the case of re-student of the decisions that have been sitting out for more than five years for a diploma or Masters, or seven years until obtaining a doctorate, these courses counted as a pass study, without the requirement to obtain an estimate them, are not included in the average estimate cumulative account CGPA grades and remember these courses within the student Transcript record as decisions and then returned to their expiry, and in front of her little patients estimate (Satisfactory = S).

Second:       It is permissible in the case to return any Elective replaced by any Elective last the same number of scheduled hours, but in the case of core courses must be re-scheduled, in which case it is incumbent on the board of the department opening scheduled desired return in the first semester, even if for one student in order to preserve on the future of the student and the rest of his time to the end of the discussion.