The Graphic Designs Council defines the review committees for the development of the educational process department

  Approved by the Council of the Faculty of Fine Arts - Alexandria University session No. (5) and held on Wednesday, January 17, 2017 as stated the minutes of the Committee on Education Affairs and students on 4/1/2017 and came the minutes of the Board of Graphic designs section of the meeting .. on the preparation of interface programs within college or participate with other colleges to form an internal committee of the College, to develop the educational process and take this committee to review all programs of study at the undergraduate level first and in accordance with international directives and could be introduced from modern programs in keeping with these directives, and that is done later to graduate programs Elaa Institutes. The department council decided to form a committee to discuss the matter, and the problem of: -

  1. Division of design and communication Graphic: -

Prof. Ahmed Hussein Abdel Gawad.

Ass.Prof.  Yasser Eid El Sayed Nada.

Ass.Prof. Hassan Abou El Naga.

  1. Division of publishing fees and writers: -

Ass.Prof. Maha Darwish Mohammed Darwish.

Ass.Prof . Entsar Saad Mohamed Ahmed.

Ass.Prof. Amani Farouk Ramadan.

  1. Technical Edition Division: -

Prof .. Zainab Murad Aldermardash.

Dr. Mr. Hanan Abdel-Razzaq al-Ammar.

Dr.  Sherif Mohamed Hosny.