The decision of the discussion committee and the ruling on the master thesis.. For the study / Reham Habib Entitled "The aesthetic and dramatic values ​​of views and characters in Tim Burton's films" Department of Decoration.. Specialization: Interior architecture



     The Council of the Faculty of Fine Arts - Alexandria University held its session no. (6) held on Tuesday, February 14, 2017. The minutes of the meeting of the Higher Studies and Research Committee dated 7/2/2016. / 2017.. On the decision of the discussion and judgment of the study / Reham Sami Mohamed Habib - Master's thesis - specialization of internal architecture.. The theme: (aesthetic and dramatic values ​​of the views and personalities in the films Tim Burton).

 The Committee is composed of the following professors:

Prof. Dr. / Medhat Mohamed Metwally - Professor Emeritus - Department of Decoration - Faculty of Fine Arts - Alexandria University "as a rapporteur and a member"

Prof. Moataz Mohamed Shaheen - Chairman and Chairman of the Decoration Department - Faculty of Fine Arts - Alexandria University "Supervisor and Member"

Prof. Dr. Khairallah Ibrahim Khairallah Ibrahim - Professor and Chairman of the Film Production Department Media Science Division - International Academy of Engineering and Media Sciences in the Media Production City October 6 "Member"

The Board approved the decision of the discussion and judgment committee that the study / Reham Sami Mohammed Habib - worthy of the master degree in Fine Arts - Decoration Department - the specialization of interior architecture and the study made the amendments required by the discussion and governance.