A delegation of environmental affairs agents familiarize themselves with the pioneering experience of the Faculty of Fine Arts in document archiving

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. / Essam El-Kordy .. President of Alexandria University, Prof. Dr. Alaa Ramadan, Vice President of the University for Environmental Affairs and Community Service and with the support of Prof. Dr./ Dina Mandour .. Dean of the College and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Safaa Abdel Salam, Vice-Dean of the College For Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, the Faculty of Fine Arts - Alexandria University on Thursday 20 February 2020 hosted a group of professors, agents of the Faculties of Alexandria University for Environmental Affairs and Community Development, and a group of gentlemen of the various faculties to visit and see the pioneering experience of the college in Create an archie For preserving the set of documents, which includes information that is useful to decision makers, and helps in historical and scientific research in all aspects, tasks and roles of the college, and also guarantees the mechanism of preserving the intellectual and material rights of the college, Preparation for the creation of the electronic archive began according to a system based on a set of tools, technologies and software that allow the transition from the physical nature of documents and convert them into electronic form to facilitate their management, storage, search and retrieval as needed.