** Faculty of Fine Arts Organizes Art Exhibition in Alexandria University’s Celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the Glorious October Victory
Under the auspices of Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, the Faculty of Fine Arts organized on Sunday an art exhibition of a group of artworks on the October War, designed by faculty members and the faculty's assistant staff, as part of the activities of the community service and environmental development sector at the faculty.
The organization of the exhibition coincides with Alexandria University’s celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the victories of the glorious October War, in the presence of Dr. Dina Mandour, Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Mohamed Keshk, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, and a group of faculty members, supporting staff, visual artists, and students.
In this context, Dr. Dina Mandour indicated that the exhibition includes a selection of artworks depicting the Sixth of October Victory. She pointed out that the artworks vary between painting, photography, collage, mosaic art, and specialized projects in interior design and paintings, as well as contemporary designs and interior architecture inspired by the victories of the October War, and the environmental balance in the design of public services in the city of Alexandria, in addition to a group of graphic and sculptural works about the October War.
Meanwhile, Dr. Mohamed Keshk confirmed that the Faculty of Fine Arts is in the process of issuing a booklet to document artistic works that were specially designed for the victories of the glorious October War, in addition to holding a cultural competition including national songs, painting, photography, poetry, literary texts, illustrated short stories, musical performance, composing music, and journalistic writing. He added that in conjunction with the faculty’s celebrations of the October Victory and within the framework of implementing the presidential initiative “100 Million Health,” the Faculty of Fine Arts will start organizing an event on early detection of chronic diseases, kidney disease, cancerous tumors, blood pressure diseases, diabetes, and vaccination against Covid-19, in the period from the 3rd until the 4th of October at the clinic of the main faculty building, and the clinic at the decor department building.