Forum Borollos second painting on the wall




Forum events Borollos begin to draw on the wall ,, 2 ,,. In early October 2015 under the auspices of and full support of Dr. Osama Abdul Wahid governor of Kafr el-Sheikh, and, being built by artist Abdul Wahab Abdul Mohsen for Arts and Culture and Development Foundation, participate in the forum, 35 artists from Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Tunisia, Sudan, Iran, India and Portugal, with the number 90 Haپ from youth universities and technical centers of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, accompanied by the forum cultural and artistic program as the organization prepared a number 25 felucca drawn by the participating artists and the work of Carnival in conclusion, the Foundation honors three of the contemporary cultural movement symbols Dr. Ahmed Morsy professor of popular literature, the great Arab poet Mohammed Afifi Matar and Prof. Dr. Mustafa Abdel Muti, for their role and pioneering teacher