Prof. Dr. / Nedaa Bent Abd Alrahman make a Academic visit for Painting Department



   The Board of the Faculty of Fine Arts - Alexandria University session No. (2) and held on Tuesday, October 18, 2015 on what was the minutes of the Cultural Relations Committee dated 08/10/2015 on what was the minutes of the Council of the Painting Department dated 09/28/2015 on the speech contained Mr. D / Vice President of the University of LED's senior anchored and research .. about the overall approval of the host D / Nedaa Bent Al Rahman Jalal - Director of Faculty of Arts and design - University Bent Abdul Rahman Princess Riyadh - Saudi Arabia .. so as to spend period emptied the kidneys for a month and one Painting Department faculty to visit labs and a library and looking at their science curriculum as of the date of the visit began on .. you pay the prescribed fees.