Preparation axes and Safety Measures of the labor Market and Employment forum
To confirm the Role of the College of Fine Arts - Alexandria University

 in Community Service and Development Environment






  The Board of the Faculty of Fine Arts - Alexandria University session No. (2) and held on Tuesday, October 18, 2015 on what was the minutes of the Committee on Community Service and Environmental Development on 4/10/2015 discuss on several axes to support the college's role in the development of the surrounding environment and service community, represented in several subjects including:

        Secure work environment and occupational health and safety procedures.

        Graduates and labor market requirements

        - Preparatory measures for the Employment Forum autumnal "place in mid-October 2016 Declaration on the College and study-related community and applicable service research, as well as accompanying the Forum and the special exhibition equip graduates work as Gary only communication companies participating in the forum.