Prof. Dr. / Roushdy Zahra and Group of  Fine arts professors honor Prof. Dr. / Naima Al.Sheshiny



   College of Fine Arts has seen celebration honoring Prof. Dr. / Naima Al.Sheshiny Professor, its bid artistic journey as an artist and a professor of plastic arts college , As well as its own cultural and social programs in various cultural and artistic events throughout the journey stretching across fifty years.

The Professor / Rushdi Zahran, president of Alexandria University on the importance of pride in the university who enriched campus life unlimited and efforts, which had a deep impact on the nature of the academic labor movement and the social and cultural community of Alexandria, and the importance of continuity of generations in an effort towards promoting the role of art in raising values private community

The ceremony was attended by Prof. Dr. / Sedeek Abd Al.Salam , Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, and Prof. Dr. / Essam Al.Kurdy Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Ahmed Helal, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and a group of deans and agents college ex, and Prof. Dr. / Hamdy Abu Al.Maati captain Fine artists and a group of faculty and ancillary staff members of the Faculty of Fine Arts and managed to celebrate Prof. Dr. / Mohammed Shaker, a professor of Painting department and dean of the former College.